Best GoMovies Alternatives (Streaming Sites Like GoMovies)

Looking for best sites like GoMovies or GoMovies alternatives to watch anime full movie English sub? People today are pampered with so many different options, thanks to the technologies we have. You no longer depend on your TV for entertainment anymore since you can watch movies or TV series from your smart TV, smartphone, or laptop, and computer. So, the existence of GoMovies is an online free movie streaming website that is pretty crucial.

Unfortunately, websites like GoMovies often deal with challenges, especially related to illegal matter and copyright issues. There are so many websites like GoMovies out there, but most of them have been shut down and closed. They simply stop operating despite the many visitors and popular names.

In case you want to avoid such a thing, knowing the alternatives options than GoMovies can ensure you that you will never run out of entertainment. So, what are the websites to choose from and visit?



If you are looking for streaming sites like GoMovies, then this site should be included within your must-have list. You can also enjoy the latest and the newest flicks, but don’t forget that this site is dedicated for TV shows and movie series. Finding the latest episode or the newest production would be a breeze.

Another thing to like about this site is the fact that it offers free streaming service and the streaming quality alone is pretty good and reliable. The streaming service is unlimited, provided that you don’t mind creating an account and registering with your email address. The quality of the contents is also great. All of the images are bright and crisp, which can affect your viewing experience and enjoyment seriously.

And here’s another reason to love this site: you can also gain access to other country’s TV shows. So, if you are seriously into Japanese flicks or Korean soap operas, you should visit this website. You will be pampered with the huge movie collections and also the impressive viewing quality. So, your enjoyment won’t be limited to American TV series only because you can have direct access to movie shows around the world.


if you are serious about looking for GoMovies alternatives I would highly recommend this one. The name has gained increased popularity within the last years. If you are familiar with Coke and Popcorn, which is one of the popular movie streaming websites, then you should have no problems or whatsoever to navigate your way around the website. The user interface is pretty handy and friendly.

The options of movies and TV movies are abundant you can pick any category or genre without complication or drama. In fact, many users claim it as one of the sites like GoMovies because of the limitless content. Not to mention that you can also gain access to simple website layout and high-quality content. Rest assured that you will only enjoy the best if you come to this site.


This website is created and also owned by Screen Media Ventures. Because of it, the contents usually come from the company’s library which makes it perfectly legal to run. The site offers OTT or Over the Top service that provides good streaming quality. Another good thing about this site is that it is ads-free so you won’t be annoyed by them.

If you are looking for a free service like GoMovies, this may not be the best option but the result is amazing and you will be satisfied with the results. This website is offered only in Canada and America currently but the company has a plan to launch their services in other countries.

The downside is that the library’s contents may not be as abundant as other services. You can’t request a show or a movie either they only have what produced by them, remember? However, all of their contents are genuine and also legal.

The user interface system is pretty good and straightforward while the streaming service is direct and straightforward. And if you are looking for an easy operation and high-quality contents, then you have come to the right spot.


If you are looking for GoMovies alternatives for your smart TV, PrimeWire would be the best pick. With this service, you can actually access tons of TV shows and interesting flicks in various resolutions. All of the contents are coming in high quality and the streaming service is pretty okay.

You can actually choose the contents based on the release date, popularity, language, and also genre. The site also has its own search box in which you can input the title. Feel free to stream the movies if you want to watch them right away. Want to watch everything later? You should be able to download them and then save them. Besides the movie, you can also stream and download music. This is a site that provides all audio and videos within one single spot.



This is basically a new name in the industry of movie streaming website. But the website has been able to provide excellent quality in the contents and also an impressive user interface. Even now, the site has tons of collections, reading 16,000 movies that are kept and categorized in different genres of Adventure, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi, and so much more.

If you take a look at the site’s design and layout, the website looks similar to 123Movie with its white and green color scheme. The layout is clean and simple, and the navigation system is pretty decent. Rest assured that you should be able to watch the movies conveniently and comfortably because each movie would provide 2 to 3 servers. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about encountering any problem when streaming the movies. Yes, you can expect good service and excellent quality from this site.


If you want to gain access to many TV series and movies, then site would be the perfect option. The overall service is secured, well-maintained, and reliable. Most of the movies are coming in high-quality definition and resolution and you can either choose to stream or download them.

One of the reasons why this site is liked by so many people (and visited by thousands of users on a daily basis) is because of the friendly and simple navigation system. The user interface is pretty straightforward and direct. Even if this is your first time coming to the site, you won’t encounter any issue or whatsoever. This site is probably not as popular as others, but it is a good site like GoMovies that you can try.


Looking for GoMovies alternative? Cmovies is another best free movie streaming website. Its interface is quite similar to GoMovies. On this website, you can find every movie with ease using filters like genre and country. What did I love from this site? Yes, you can find new release movies and come with high quality.